We work on various entertainment and applied games of our own. These projects contribute to the development of our skills within the three pillars of the company: Virtual RealityBrain-Computer Interfacing, and Artificial Intelligence.
All of our in-house projects are centered around some form of innovation: new technologies, new applications or other innovative content.

Virtual Play develops applied games and game elements on behalf of various public and private parties. These games have medical or educational applications. Furthermore, they can function as tools for communication, sales or marketing; serve to capture public interest; or be used as training tools, among many other purposes.

Previous Virtual Play clients include:
AMC hospital, CORPUS ‘reis door de mens’, ProRail, Elle Wonen, PostNL, Renault, Rijkswaterstaat, The National Maritime Museum, Teylers Museum, The Dutch House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer), VNCI, The Netherlands Nutrition Center (Voedingscentrum) and War Child.

The possibilities are endless: for any kind of question, from any client, we will provide an original solution!