Applied Games

Alpha Mind

Alpha Mind is a VR game that you fully control with your brain. The goal of the game is to stay in a calm state of consciousness as fully as possible for as long as you can. Initially, the game helps you with this, but as you progress the challenge grows!

Legislation Game Prototype

We made a prototype of a game to explain new Dutch legislation. In the fall of 2016 we were selected as one of four game companies to gather for a crunch and brainstorm week at a remote location. During this week we designed one of the prototypes for an applied game for the Ministry of […]

ProRail Future Simulation Game

Virtual Play developed a future simulation game for ProRail. In this 3D game, the player pulls the strings. Which policy decisions will they take for ProRail, and what predictions will the player make for societal changes in the post Covid era? Every choice and prediction will influence what a virtual city will look like. There […]


Virtual Play developed an applied game for AMC (Academic Medical Centre) Amsterdam and Motek ForceLink, to provide a means for regaining motion and strength in the wrist after a wrist fracture. The game stimulates, structures and measures progress during the entire rehabilitation process. Virtual Play designed this game in such a way that the player […]

Strong Bones Quiz

Virtual Play made an exhibition game experience for the Strong Bones Foundation. The aim of this foundation is to educate the public about how to keep their bones strong. Bones can’t be treated as a given over a lifetime – they need maintenance. The secret of keeping them strong is good nutrition, sunlight, and physical […]