Other Productions

Elle Living Building Projection

For Elle Living’s event Inside Design Amsterdam 2010 and sponsor Histor, we made an animation for 3D building projection mapping, including the revelation of Histor’s new square paint cans. Client: LiveLab

Fear Lab

Virtual Play caused a furore with the futuristic Fear-Lab installation. As a commissioned project for the Critical Mass Foundation, we’ve created a VR installation for a traveling experience theater: “De Angstfabriek” (Fear Factory). The well-attended opening of the Angstfabriek in RAUM Utrecht was a great success. The premiere was even completely sold out. After a […]

Git Tutorials

We made Git tutorials, available on YouTube for free. They have received good responses and we’re currently working on more Git tutorials and a series on ‘How to build your own Game Engine from scratch in JavaScript’.

Kantine ‘De Dag’

Kantine ‘De Dag’ (Cafeteria The Day) is a playful virtual lunch counter that we made for the Netherlands Nutrition Center (Voedingscentrum) in 2012. Visitors walk past display counters with foods and drinks to pick from. In reality they walk by a number of screens, reflecting moments in the day. From the screens they can load […]

Multi-user Touch Experience Dutch House of Representatives

For the Dutch House of Representatives we developed a Multi-User Touch Experience table: ‘MuTEx‘. The MuTEx table for the Dutch House of Representatives offers space for up to five people, to all at the same time use their own ‘app spot’ on the big touch screen, to find info about the Representatives. This MuTEx table was placed […]

Opening National Maritime Museum

Dutch National Maritime Museum / Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam, October 1st, 2011, 22:00
The spectacular re-opening of the Dutch National Maritime Museum – a beautiful 3D animation with building projection we co-created over a couple of months.

Unity Object Labels / Notes Plugin

During our development in Unity we created a little helper plugin that allows for placing notes with objects in the scene view. We made this plugin available on the Unity Asset Store for free.