Our Games

Afterplanet: First Encounters

Afterplanet: First Encounters is a multiplayer cooperative generated 3D shooter, diplomacy, trading and vehicle building game for PC/macOS (and maybe consoles in the future), with optional second (or third) screen support on a tablet.

Alpha Mind

Alpha Mind is a VR game that you fully control with your brain. The goal of the game is to stay in a calm state of consciousness as fully as possible for as long as you can. Initially, the game helps you with this, but as you progress the challenge grows!


Aquaphiles is our Virtual Reality game project.
Swim through the ocean with different sea creatures, each moving in their own way.


Hatchball is more than just digital pinball – this game is played with eggs! Guide these eggs to your Hatchery, where they will be able to hatch into adorable creatures. Given love and care they will become powerful allies in your quest for the high score… and your best friends!

Outranked – Coming Soon!

If you’ve followed our dev streams on Twitch you’ll have heard about our upcoming new game Outranked! It’s a social capture-the-flag game where you take up arms against your friends in two teams of up to 10 people each. Choose a rank and try to capture the enemy flag. When you encounter another player, you […]

Soccer Nations

Soccer Nations is a series of games: a retro platformer with a soccer ball on Mobile, and a casual multiplayer side scrolling soccer game on Steam.