Inferno Arena & Halloween Sale October 31, 2018 - Spooky! Playing Soccer Nations Battle in the new Inferno Arena! Get the game now on super Halloween sale discount for only 39 cents. Happy Halloween!
War Child Programming Work October 15, 2018 - We’re doing some good work for War Child Holland to help launch an educational game for out-of-school refugee children in the Middle East. Would you like to hire us to help with your project? As well as full projects from start to end, we also take on separate programming tasks, technical consultancy, design or artwork […]
New Arenas Soccer Nations Battle on Steam October 3, 2018 - As of today, there are new Arenas added to our Steam Party Game Soccer Nations Battle! Play the game on a rocking boat in rough seas, or at the bottom of the sea. Get the game on Steam:
Workspots for rent July 5, 2018 - Virtual Play is moving to a much bigger, double office space. We are offering workspots (desk and chair) for rent in the smaller office space. Contact us for a viewing if you’re interested.
Moving to Bigger Office July 1, 2018 - Because Virtual Play keeps growing, we are now moving to a bigger office, down the hall from our old office, in Dutch Game Garden Utrecht. We’re very happy with our new home!
Demo Soccer Nations Battle at Indigo Great Success June 30, 2018 - This year Virtual Play was showcasing at Indigo again – the biggest yearly event for indie games, organized by Dutch Game Garden. Our demo of Soccer Nations Battle was well received. A big thank you to all participants for all the effort and enthusiasm!
Game for KWF in Corpus June 15, 2018 - We’ve made a game for the Dutch Cancer Society KWF which now runs as an exhibit in Museum Corpus. The game was made for an awareness campaign about sun protection. Players will learn about the importance of things like sunscreen and protective clothing. Will you be able to save everyone from the burning sun?
Soccer Nations Battle on Steam May 17, 2018 - Football battles inside your living room! Our hysterical party game Soccer Nations is available on Steam as of today! The game will initially be in Early Access: we’ll continue development in the coming period. Expect various arenas that come with their own challenges, more characters, and bots to play against too. The game is local […]
Alpha Mind Demo at Care & ICT fair April 20, 2018 - Last week we attracted a lot of attention at the Care & ICT fair, with our VR neurofeedback demo Alpha Mind, shown in Sensiks sensory pod. We are working on even more special applications. Follow the developments via Facebook and this website, or sign up for the newsletter.  
Alpha Mind Demo April 13, 2018 - Virtual Play will be present at the Healthcare & ICT convention (Zorg & ICT beurs) at Jaarbeurs Utrecht, to demonstrate Alpha Mind: our neurofeedback game, combined with Sensiks Sensory Reality Pod. This will be an unprecedented 4D experience!