Best Wishes for 2020! January 1, 2020 - Happy 2020! Virtual Play is diving into the New Year with a splash, working on Hatchball, Dules, and other projects. You’ll be hearing from us again soon!
Christmas Sale Soccer Nations Battle on Steam December 24, 2019 - Get cosy on the couch and bring your controllers. It’s time to play football battles against each other during the Christmas Holidays! Play 1 v 1, or with many more people. Our game Soccer Nations Battle is now available with Christmas discount on Steam. Grab it quickly in the Christmas Sale, it’s almost free!
Happy Holidays! December 20, 2019 - Happy Holidays! We like to play games ourselves at Virtual Play too. We’ve kicked-off the holidays with an extra cosy Friday afternoon chillparty in Christmas theme 🙂
War Child, tablet management Can’t Wait To Learn December 4, 2019 - War Child has developed a series of educational games for children who miss out on education because they are affected by conflict.Thanks to a delivery system which can operate in resource constrained areas, Can’t Wait to Learn provides quality education to all children – no matter where they are. The programme enables children to learn […]
Research & Development: New AR technique December 2, 2019 - Our developers are working on new techniques to use Augmented Reality as a mechanism in board games.This technology makes a new kind of layered board game possible, in which players interact using their smartphones in addition to the game board. Of course these techniques will also play a role in future Virtual Play projects. To […]
Internship spots December 1, 2019 - Students! For the coming period (February – July 2020) Virtual Play is again looking for talented interns to help with Dules, Hatchball and other projects. We have plenty of room for game developers and 3D artists. We also invite you to apply if you are good at 2D and UI art, marketing / communication, or […]
Soccer Nations Battle with Steam Remote Play Together November 26, 2019 - Our party game Soccer Nations Battle is one of the local multiplayer titles that you can enjoy online from now, thanks to Steam Remote Play Together! Up to eight people can play hectic side-scrolling soccer matches across wild arenas from a rocking cruise ship to the underworld!  Available now – on sale if you act […]
Workspots in Utrecht for rent November 23, 2019 - Are you a creative freelancer and looking for a (temporary) workplace? Virtual Play has sub-leasing workplaces available for a few months, in our second office in the Dutch Game Garden.You can get a quiet spot in an environment full of game companies, freelance artists and developers.Rent is 135 euros per month all-inclusive (from internet to […]
HKU internship market November 19, 2019 - Virtual Play had a presence at the HKU internship market again this year.Even when our permanent employees are needed elsewhere, our enthusiastic current interns wanted to represent Virtual Play themselves. A convincing argument for taking an internship with Virtual Play!
Fear Factory featured November 13, 2019 - You can take a sneak peek at The Fear Lab we’ve made, in this coverage about the Fear Factory at “Omroep West” (in Dutch)