Afterplanet: First Encounters

Afterplanet: First Encounters is a biopunk vehicular action adventure game, set on a procedurally generated alien world. You are dropped on the planet Augurg in nothing more than a clumsy cockpit with side wheels. That’s where your science-fiction adventure begins! Build and upgrade your vehicles with a huge selection of modules, then venture out to fight, trade or talk with the other inhabitants of Augurg.

Forced to leave Earth by war and environmental collapse, great generation starships are sent to the only other known inhabitable planet: Augurg. Upon arrival, it’s clear that Augurg is not as suitable for human life as it first appeared… but it’s all you have. Will you be able to forge a new home for humanity in this hostile world of acid lakes and harsh weather? And what kind of world will it be?

Inhabitants of Augurg

You are not alone. There are three very different intelligent species on Augurg. The native lizartants live in all regions of the planet, forming a complex social network of tribes. Some of these tribes follow the old ways, while others have embraced salvaged technology.

Cybermoles are genetically engineered products of Earth, huge diggers and engineers sent ahead to prepare the planet for human settlers. However, instead of building habitats, they have gone wild and now indulge their innate obsessions with machinery. 

Little is known about the third race on Augurg. The Ethereals are enormous floating beings, worshipped by some tribes of lizartants, with great powers but unclear motivations.

An advanced AI system drives the behaviour of all the intelligent life you encounter, and the social situation on the planet will shift as you play. Every faction has goals, which you can help or hinder. Learn what they desire, and you can manipulate them to further your own ends or get great trade deals… or play it safe and attack at first sight. The choice is yours, but choose wisely!


Your ultimate goal is to secure a home for the rest of humanity waiting in the colony ships above. How you go about doing this is up to you. Depending on how you equip your vehicle, you can use force to take what you want, discover treasures in remote areas, engage in diplomacy to form allies, or any mix of the above.

Different vehicle chassis are naturally suited for different roles, but the modules you choose and where you place them will make all the difference! 

A tall and clumsy chassis might be slow and vulnerable, but have space for incredible sensors and excellent sight range. Or you could equip guns high up on it instead, to offer fire support from a distance. A squat and sturdy chassis is a natural fit for armour and weaponry, but you could also add stealth modules and cargo space to create a tough trade vehicle, which would be perfect for harsh terrain and unfriendly territories.

Explore an Alien World with Friends

Procedural generation allows for a huge truly unknown world to explore. Afterplanet will be multiplayer, opening up even more possibilities for ingenious vehicle designs and cooperative play. Set up your own team of friends, each with their own roles, and pick stealthy, friendly, or all-out aggressive missions.

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