Dules is a multiplayer cooperative game of shooting, diplomacy, trading and vehicle building. Set in a procedurally generated 3D world, Dules will release on PC/macOS (and perhaps consoles in the future), and features optional second or third screen support on a tablet.

Humanity has fled a doomed Earth toward the only known habitable planet, Augurg. This is a hostile environment, with highly acidic lakes, harsh weather, and a race of smart and cunning native inhabitants. On top of that, the giant cybernetically enhanced moles sent ahead to prepare the planet have broken free of human control. Amidst the tribes, corporations and individuals who all want to survive this apocalyptic time, you can choose your own path. Be a mercenary, trader, diplomat, builder, or a mix. Battles for territory and resources are inevitable, so you have to make friends to go on missions with, and build up your own armory of vehicles from whatever scrap and devices you can find or win. You are free to combine these in ingenious ways, designing your own specialized vehicles for specific tasks or group roles. Set up your own team of friends, each with their own roles, and pick stealthy, friendly, or all-out aggressive missions.

If you would like to join our beta program as soon as it is available: Like Dules on Facebook, and we’ll send you a message through Facebook.