Fear Lab

Virtual Play caused a furore with the futuristic Fear-Lab installation.

As a commissioned project for the Critical Mass Foundation, we’ve created a VR installation for a traveling experience theater: “De Angstfabriek” (Fear Factory). The well-attended opening of the Angstfabriek in RAUM Utrecht was a great success. The premiere was even completely sold out. After a period of four months at this location, the Fear Factory has been installed in various places around the country, each time for a period of four months. Much praise was given for the performance and installation.

In the biometrics VR experience created by Virtual Play, the bio-physiological response of visitors was measured. How did their bodies react to terrifying news images? We looked at the skin conductance response (GSR), heart rate and EEG.

We are very happy with this successful project, which fits the specialties of Virtual Play well. The Angstfabriek has seen a lot of visitors and was well received in the media: “The Angstfabriek is completely absurd and scarily close to how it really is” (Utrechtse Communicatie Kring, May 18, 2019).