Creative Industries Fund NL – Experiment Subsidy March 25, 2022 - Today we received the happy news that we’ve been granted the Experiment subsidy from the Creative Industries Fund NL, for our project “Living Social Landscape”. This subsidy will allow us to continue the work on one of our innovations: a simulation of a virtual social world that functions autonomously. We’re very grateful for this opportunity […]
Virtual Play productions October 15, 2021 - Even though everyone’s been working from home, we haven’t been idle here at Virtual Play. We’ve been working on a series of minigames, as well as research & development on concepts for some innovative pieces of software. More about those soon!
ProRail Game finished! July 1, 2021 - In the past year we’ve been busy developing a future simulation game for ProRail. Virtual Play created an interactive 3D world that shows how your city will develop to the year 2050, based on the decisions you make for the railways. The game is finished and we’re proud of the result! An extra special detail: […]
Game about organ donation May 4, 2021 - For the Dutch Transplant Organisation we made a game about organ donation. Find the right matches for the organs. Time is ticking! The game is displayed as part of a permanent exhibit in Corpus Museum: Journey through the human body. The museum has been closed because of Corona measures, but it’s expected that the doors can […]
Position Fault! Game April 19, 2021 - Virtual Play has developed an educational game for the Nevobo (Dutch Volleyball Association). With this game you can train yourself to recognize positioning errors on the playing field. A great tool for referees in training, but also for players themselves. “Position Fault!” is now available for free on mobile devices, on the Apple App Store […]
Outranked playtest at DGG network lunch March 3, 2021 - Today is a milestone for the Dutch Game Garden networking lunch: the first playtest of a game during the online network lunch, with our social capture-the-flag game Outranked! Sign up for this event via the Dutch Game Garden. For more information about Outranked, or to sign up as playtester for the coming sessions, check out […]
ProRail Game December 1, 2020 - We are currently working on a game for ProRail. Virtual Play is making an interactive 3D world that shows what the world will look like in 2050 for the railways, based on the decisions you take now and in the following years.
Outranked November 15, 2020 - If you’ve followed our dev streams on Twitch you’ll have heard about our upcoming new game Outranked! It’s a social capture-the-flag game, for teams of up to 10 people each… Stay updated on the website! You can already wishlist on Steam:  
Live Development Streams October 25, 2020 - Virtual Play is streaming live development sessions, 3 times a week, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Come and watch along, there’s a live chat too! On Twitch: And on YouTube:
A Virtual City October 1, 2020 - At this moment we are busy working on building a procedurally generated virtual city, including a traffic system. For what purpose? We can’t reveal that yet. What we can tell you is that it’s for an assignment for an applied game. More news in December!