Outranked November 15, 2020 - If you’ve followed our dev streams on Twitch you’ll have heard about our upcoming new game Outranked! It’s a social capture-the-flag game, for teams of up to 10 people each… Stay updated on the website! You can already wishlist on Steam:  
Live Development Streams October 25, 2020 - Virtual Play is streaming live development sessions, 3 times a week, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Come and watch along, there’s a live chat too! On Twitch: And on YouTube:
A Virtual City October 1, 2020 - At this moment we are busy working on building a procedurally generated virtual city, including a traffic system. For what purpose? We can’t reveal that yet. What we can tell you is that it’s for an assignment for an applied game. More news in December!
Tutorials September 15, 2020 - Did you know that Virtual Play makes tutorials as well? Our Git course in particular is very popular. You can find them on The recordings of the development streams are on there as well.
Soccer Games Sale on Steam August 13, 2020 - We’re joining in on the Steam Soccer Games Sale this weekend. This means from today, and only this weekend, a 50% discount on our game Soccer Nations Battle. Be quick to grab it!
Snail Jam Party July 10, 2020 - Snail race! We ended this internship period with a mini game jam. Everyone made their own snail to race with, during the last Friday afternoon drinks before the summer holidays. A cheerful collection!
Soccer Nations Battle in Steam Summer Sale June 25, 2020 - Our partygame Soccer Nations Battle is in the Steam Summer Sale. Get the game for 42% off – only 45 cents now! From today until July 9.
Live Game Development Streaming Streaming: Live game development Hatchball June 5, 2020 - From this Sunday, we will be streaming the entire development of our game Hatchball, starting back from scratch. Follow the entire process in our Live Game Development streams, 1-3x per week, on YouTube and Twitch!
Update Interactive Cafeteria Corpus June 1, 2020 - The interactive Cafeteria at The Netherlands Nutrition Centre, one of our installations at Corpus museum, is ready for reopening! During the lockdown, Virtual Play has not been idle. We’ve given the installation an update, with new images of nutrients. Corpus museum is open again now, after a temporary closure because of the Corona crisis. Go […]
Hatchball Update: Hatchlings development April 28, 2020 - Meanwhile, Hatchball development has not stopped. We’re working hard on creating the hatchlings. These cute little creatures are going to be your pets in the game!