Fear Factory moving to Eindhoven August 20, 2019 - From next week the Fear Factory will be visiting the city of Eindhoven. For this disturbing experience, we made a Virtual Reality installation which measures the responses of your brain and body. It’s a unique experience – make sure to grab your tickets!
Hatchlings August 2, 2019 - Have you admired our hatchlings yet? You’re going to be able to hatch and collect this growing line-up of cute little animals in our upcoming game Hatchball! At the moment we’re working hard to be able to release next Spring.
Volleyball Game July 19, 2019 - One of the projects that Virtual Pay is working on at the moment is an educational game for the NeVoBo (Dutch Volleyball Association). It will teach you to quickly recognize position errors on the field. The game is expected to be available in mobile app stores from the end of October.
Visiting our exhibits: a trip to Corpus Museum! July 12, 2019 - The Virtual Play team went on a trip to Corpus Museum! We went on the ‘journey through the human body’, and visited all the exhibits we made… of course we couldn’t resist improving some of the high-scores! It was a festive day out – many thanks to Corpus, we had a great time!  
Hatchlings at playtest July 3, 2019 - We ran another playtest demo of Hatchball at the networking lunch today, this time with some new hatchlings making their debut in the game! In August the hatchlings will be away for a summer vacation, but in September they’re sure to join the party again.
Soccer Nations Battle on Steam Summer Sale June 25, 2019 - Our party game Soccer Nations Battle is in the Steam Summer Sale now! Get the game for 50% off – almost free! From today until July 9. At the moment the game is only local multiplayer. We’re working hard on training virtual opponents with a system of deep learning, using punishment and reward. That […]
Our Corpus Exhibits on TV June 21, 2019 - The game that we’ve made for the “Blij met een Ei” organisation is a permanent installation in Corpus Museum, but you can also admire it on national television this weekend: this Sunday, June 23, 17.30, in “Nederland Proeft” on RTL 4. There are also some other Corpus exhibits made by Virtual Play being shown –  […]
Hatchball on Steam June 12, 2019 - Hatchball will be available in Early Access from Spring 2020. You can already put the game on your Steam wishlist:  
Hatchball on physical pinball table June 3, 2019 - Today we had a first for Hatchball: we tested the game on a physical table! The table, also manufactured by Virtual Play, has the layout and controls of a traditional pinball table, but is displayed on a built-in screen. We’ve done these playtests as usual at the Dutch Game garden networking lunch. We got a […]
Happy Eggs: Educational game in museum Corpus May 29, 2019 - Virtual Play has made an educational museum game for the organisation “Blij met een Ei” (Happy about Eggs). Discover interesting facts about chickens and eggs, while playing this addictive game. As of today you can admire this exhibit in Corpus Museum. We challenge you to beat the high score!