Kantine ‘De Dag’

Kantine ‘De Dag’ (Cafeteria The Day) is a playful virtual lunch counter that we made for the Netherlands Nutrition Center (Voedingscentrum) in 2012. Visitors walk past display counters with foods and drinks to pick from. In reality they walk by a number of screens, reflecting moments in the day. From the screens they can load food onto their virtual trays. The trays show their food and drinks intake during an average day. All the food is shown in the tray, which accompanies them as they progress along the line. At the end they meet with a nice (virtual) lady at the counter, on a big screen. She gives the visitors comments and advice, based on the foods they’ve picked.

In 2017 we updated the virtual lady to be a character completely animated by Motion Capture. Her comments are based on the latest nutritional advice from the Netherlands Nutritional Center. You can visit the lunch lady and her cafetaria at the Corpus museum in Leiden.