Soccer Nations

Soccer Nations is a series of games:

Soccer Nations WorldTour, a retro platformer with a soccer ball. Separate levelpacks are available on Mobile; the combined levelpacks will become available on Steam.

Soccer Nations Battle, a casual multiplayer side scrolling soccer game, available on Steam.

WorldTour Levelpacks on Mobile

The first set of levels was released as ‘Soccer Nations: Brazil’ in May 2014. The sequel ‘Soccer Nations: Paris’ included a 3D view and AI battle mode, and was released in May 2016. The third instalment of the mobile game, ‘Soccer Nations: Russia’ was released right before the WorldCup in June 2018, and has a full 3D voxel world.


Local multiplayer party game on Steam

The multiplayer party game ‘Soccer Nations Battle’ was released in May 2018, and is available on Steam.

The game is still in Early Access. We’re updating it regularly with new features. Right now we’re working on a neural network to provide the game with AI, so it can be played against the computer as well. We’re also working on several arena’s to battle in, that all come with their own challenges to the players.