Virtual Play developed an applied game for AMC (Academic Medical Centre) Amsterdam and Motek ForceLink, to provide a means for regaining motion and strength in the wrist after a wrist fracture. The game stimulates, structures and measures progress during the entire rehabilitation process.

Virtual Play designed this game in such a way that the player controls sea creatures in a 3D virtual world by moving (and training) their wrist. Every wrist motion results in a corresponding movement of the sea creature. Targets to reach are placed thus that the player is challenged, but never pushed to force his wrist movement too far. This way the game ensures an optimal recovery process.

The 3D characters and assets in the virtual world have a playful cartoony style. The underwater world is styled to be beautiful and relaxing as well. Virtual Play uses this virtual environment as a basis for other games, for instance Aquaphiles VR.

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